James Greenwood's Symposium

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Analysis of Symposium Do you believe funding for Therapeutic Cloning should be supported? In “Symposium: Should Congress Use Tax Dollars to Fund Therapeutic Cloning?” James Greenwood’s piece is very convincing in his argument that funding should be supported. I believe his essay on supporting funding for therapeutic cloning to have a strong argument because his structure is very effective in addressing people who are against supporting funding for this type of research, he uses all three types of rhetorical appeals, and his evidence is concrete in supporting his belief. Greenwood begins his essay by telling a compelling story about a woman who gets thrown off a horse and is left paralyzed after the incident. He grabs our attention by using Pathos effectively. And does it again when he tells us, “in our lifetimes researchers will enable physicians to repair damage to our brains, livers, hearts, and other organs with specialized cells” (419). This introduction grabs the attention of the people who are against supporting his belief, because it shows us…show more content…
He did this by portraying emotion in his argument with the use of pathos by explaining the benefits of therapeutic cloning by helping a paralyzed woman get her normal life back. He then portrayed ethical moral values by stating through the study of somatic-cell nuclear-transfer research we could use extra embryos instead of putting them to waste by using them in research practices. He finally used showed logos to explain that the U.S. needs more researchers. The structure of his paper was effective to be able to show that his scientific evidence was enough to influence his audience in supporting his belief That therapeutic cloning should be funded by the government, this is why Greenwood had the better

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