James Hanratty Evidence

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James Hanratty was convicted and hanged on 4th April 1962, accused of abducting and murdering a research scientist named Michael Gregsten (aged 36) on the A6 (Bedfordshire) where he was shot twice in the head. Michael Gregsten’s girlfriend, Valarie Storie (aged 22), was raped and shot multiple times at close range and was left to die on the side of the road. Having survived after this horrific experience, Valarie Storie was paralysed from the waist down.
Hanratty aged 25, was established at first to be a minor criminal who had spent several years in prison. In October Hanratty was arrested in Blackpool. His appearance moderately matched with one of the identikit portrait’s as two were produced at the time. Valarie Storie also identified Hanratty
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Later on DNA was taken from close relatives of Hanratty and experts stated the fact that the odds of 2.5 million/1 against the killer being a close relative. Personally I believe the DNA and the evidence where highly contaminated. The evidence samples from the crime scene were both stored nearby to each other, which can lead to contamination. The samples have been stored in unsealed paper envelopes, which were often removed at the same time that clothing of Valarie and the handkerchief. This can lead to contamination as both evidence samples have been in direct contact with James Hanratty’s clothing. When the initial investigation had taken place in 1961/1962 both the murderer/rapist was concluded to be of O+ blood group, which in this case matched Alphon and Hanratty as well as the 36% of population. This wasn’t taken into any consideration in Alphon’s part yet put Hanratty under the firing line whereas Alphon should have been further investigated. Exhibit 26, which is the underwear of the victim Valarie Storie, was found in 1991 and packaged. The packaging was kept under poor conditions, as the seals were no longer airtight and sealed. As the file was examined a number of items were found present in the packaging that included a
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