James Henry Hammond And The Old South Summary

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James Henry Hammond and the Old South A Design for Mastery by Drew Gilpin Faust Southern civilization and society regarded many accomplishments and actions in highly while regarding others lowly. Political success, social status, land tenure, family connections and wealth are the most important and sought after attributes of measuring success among the old southern society. Qualities that are treated negatively among the old southern society included sexual misconduct, family conflicts, unionist political ideals and general disrespect towards other members of the society. James Henry Hammond was an unusual character who embodied both sides of the positives and negatives of the old southern society. James Henry Hammond was a southern man who exhibited both the positive values of success and prestige as well as exhibiting negative values that brought shame and humiliation among his family and the South Carolina society during his lifetime. James Henry Hammond portrays the image of a person who symbolizes both the best and the worst attributes of the old southern society. This book review shall aim to analyze Hammond's life and how he grew to be despised and if the author portrayed James Henry Hammond’s…show more content…
James Henry Hammond is an excellent example of this type of inspiration and Drew Gilpin Faust tells his tale in her book James Henry Hammond and the Old South. Faust examines the life of Hammond and also explores the way of life of the Old South in many different ways in her book. Though Faust does not provide a broad study of the South, she does draw attention to many different features of its past from relations between master and slave to the describing life of a famous politician. All these features present themselves in the life of a man motivated by ambition to be the most important and powerful person in the Old South before the occurrence of the Civil
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