James Hogs Responsible For The Annexation Of Texas

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There are many notorious people in Texas history. For example, Sam Houston, who was Texas’s first president, or Anson Jones, who was responsible for the annexation of Texas. But very few people have heard of James Hogg. He became famous for impromptu, which are unscripted speeches. He was also elected county attorney of Wood County in 1878, and was governor of Texas from 1891 to 1895. Sadly, he died on March 3, 1906, at the young age of 55. James Hogg was born near Rusk, Texas on March 24, 1851. His parents died when he was only twelve; most of the family’s money disappeared when his parents passed away, making education unattainable. Hogg decided to find a job in order to learn a trade. He eventually found work as a writer at the Quitman Clipper. After working there for a while, he became Quitman Clipper’s publisher and…show more content…
Although Hogg sought no other public office, he was always interested in good government. He helped William Jennings Bryan in the 1896 and 1900 campaigns and spoke on Bryan’s behalf before Tammany Hall in 1900. After returning from a trip to England, Hogg gave up his partnership with Judge James H. Robertson in Austin and moved to Houston. While in Houston, he formed the firm of Hogg, Watkins, and Jones. One of Hogg’s last public addresses was at the banquet in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt in Dallas on April 5, 1905. On March 3, 1906, Hogg died in the home of his partner, Frank Jones, in Houston. He was buried in Austin. James Hogg lived a very amazing life. He became famous for impromptu, was elected county attorney of Wood County in 1878, was governor of Texas from 1891 to 1895, married Sarah Ann Stinson and had four kids; his only daughter 's name was Ima Hogg. Even though Hogg had a rough beginning of his life, he did not let that stop him from becoming county attorney of Wood County and governor of the
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