James Holmes Case Study

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Tania Covarrubias Criminal Justice 234 Tina January 30, 2018 Case Involving James Holmes Facts of the case involving James Holmes On July 20, 2012 James Holmes, murder twelve people and injured seventy people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. On July 16, 2015, “James Holmes was found guilty on all 165 counts against him: 24 first-degree murder, 140 attempted murder and one count of possession or control of an explosive or incendiary device” (“Colorado Theater”, 2017). Holmes proposes to plead guilty to dodge the death penalty. His request was denied. Holmes processed by declaring guilty for reason of insanity and the judge accepts. Defendant’s Charges The following month on August 26, 2015. A judge in Colorado sentences Holmes to twelve…show more content…
Holmes is taken to the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo for supervision. A month later, Holmes Attorneys defended his client, by saying, "Mr. Holmes suffers from a severe mental illness and was in the throes of a psychotic episode when he committed the acts that resulted in the tragic loss of life and injuries sustained by movie goers on July 20, 2012” (“Colorado Theater”, 2017). Holmes defense to his actions was because he believe the reason he killed everyone is because he was unable to control his actions because of the movie he watched. Theory of Holmes’ Case My theory of this case is to believe this case wasn’t a case of insanity because this individual clearly planned his actions. Holmes stepped out of the movie theater and returned wearing protective gear. His outfit was described wearing a “ballistic helmet, protective gear for his legs, throat and groin, black gloves and a gas mask. He props open the door, before throwing two tear gas canisters into the theater” (“Colorado Theater”, 2017). According to officials, his apartment was wire “at the front door that would have touched off an array of explosives and flammable liquids” (“Colorado Theater”, 2017). Homes knew how to physically protect himself and his home. A man to be insane would have done his actions impulsive, not by covering his…show more content…
I believe why he writes “why” several times is because inside he has much anger and questions why he failed in life. This could have been a method to cover his tracks and later tell the judge being guilty of insanity. After reviewing his mental health history. He’s parents took him to a “school counselor in hopes to help his son with his social communication” (“James Holmes”,2018). Homes was a shy child but got angry at his mother for moving him at a young age. He’s mother stated he was “awkwardly social” and at the age eleven attempt to commit suicide. Although he wasn’t socially accepted he was able to be accepted to a university. Holmes life changed when “three days after failing a key oral exam at the university in early June 2012, Holmes dropped out of his studies without further explanation,” (“James Holmes”,2018). My theory is he never felt accepted and after failing in college he was confused on what to do. This man in my option wasn’t insanity but wanted revenge and attention. On July 20,2012 he wanted the world to know who he was and what he was capable of
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