James Hurst Doodle Character Traits

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Pushing other for success can be harming to them, although you may not see it because you are blinded on only helping them rather from just enjoying their presents instead of thinking and caring of what other people say. For example, A short story by James Hurst “ Scarlet Ibis”. Hurst tells a tragic story of doodle a disabled child and his brother. Doodle’s life is like a series of love and complication. Doodle doesn't give up because he is shown desirement although he goes through occasional cruelty by his brother. Brothers only motivation is to make Doodle like other kids to avoid himself from self embarrassment of having a brother who is disabled and going through a battle of his own ego. Meanwhile the story continues brother is selfish, careless and prideful throughout the story.
One trait brother showed is being careless. He is careless because he is constantly reminding doodle how he is disabled. Doodle is unwilling to participate in brother’s cold-hearted attempts of pointing out his mortalities. When brother showed an made him touch his casket he knew the expectations of doodle. As stated (. . . ) Doodle was paralyzed, so I put him on my shoulder and carried him down the ladder, and even when we were outside in the sunlight, he clung to me, crying, 'Don't leave me. Don't leave
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Prideful because all he tries to do is chance Doodle rather than letting him be who he is . Not letting himself accept himself the way he is. Brother's pride pushes him to give Doodle an existence away from his bed, and it is his obsession that leads to Doodle's tragic demise. Brother's pride did create a facsimile (copy) of real life for Doodle, but in the end, it crumbled him, brought to its knees by pride and selfishness. Brother did love Doodle, but his ego overshadowed the fact the he was just trying to protect Doodle from a world that doesn't tolerate those that are different. Protecting Doodle from the real world lead him to death and
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