James Hurst's The Scarlet Ibis-The Narrator

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The Narrator of “The Scarlet Ibis” has a disabled brother named Doodle. He had various disabilities and limitations. He could not walk and could barely sit up. Brother never really liked Doodle for many reasons. he was like a burden to him he always had to take him out and watch over him. The Narrator tried to help his brother and make him normal. He was going to teach hi how to walk, run and do things normal children could do. But he did it for the wrong reason. In the story the “The Scarlet Ibis” written by James Hurst, Doodle’s brother only thinks of himself, trying to make Doodle “normal”; this embarrassment towards Doodle this leads to his death. The main reason Doodle died was Brother could not understand his limits and how he was disabled. “Doodle was tired and frightened”(Hurst 138). This tells us Doodle is tired and his brother expects him to get up after falling. He can barely get up without passing out, so when he is tired what do you think would happen. “Doctors said he should not get to excited, too hot, too cold, and should be treated kindly.” (Hurst 131). Doodle is scared and probably overheating. His brother did not treat him kindly. Doodle was scared and most likely panicked and just stayed there and bleeded to his death.Brother failed to care for him and understand why he…show more content…
“Sometimes I accidentally turned him over”(Hurst 131). Brother is clearly reckless and immature, he has no concern for Doodle and flips him over. He does not know he has to take better care of him because he could kill him. He must take better care of him. Another quote that shows Brother is neglecting Doodle is when, Doodle calls for help. “Brother, Brother do not leave me”(Hurst 138). Doodle is clearly in need of assistance and his brother keeps running leaving him behind. When someone calls for you help them. Doodle die because of a lot of factors and one was Brother was
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