James J. Braddock: The Cinderella Man

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James J. Braddock AKA the Cinderella man gave people hope during the Great Depression. He was a hero and someone who was just like everyone else and got another chance that would save him and his family. He was born on June 7th 1905 in New York CIty. His parents were Irish immigrants. Joseph Braddock and Elizabeth O’Toole Braddock. He was born in a small apartment, west 48th street New York CIty. He had 4 Brothers and 2 sisters. The Cinderella Man helped get america through the Great Depression.

James J. Braddock has been a fighter since he was young doing many things to get his boxing career off of the ground. In his early life he discovered his “passion for boxing any time from 1919 - 1923” according to James J. Braddock.com. On September
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