James Joyce Feast Scene

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In The Dead by James Joyce the main scene of the short story is when all of the characters are in one place which is at the dinner table for a Christmas dinner. This is also the climax of the story. The scene of the a feast reveals the values of two characters in the short story named Ms. Ivors and the other Gabriel. Also at this dinner scene the values of what their society is like in Ireland. The feast scene in the short story allows the true values of the characters to be revealed. One example is the character Ms. Ivors. Her values are actually revealed right in the beginning of the feast during the dancing before the feast. She us dancing with the main character Gabriel and during the dance she said to him “‘Well, I’m ashamed of you,’” said Miss Ivors frankly. ‘To say you’d write for a paper like that. I didn’t think you were a West Briton.’” Here they are dancing together and she had asked about a column that was written in the local paper and Gabriel admitted that he was the he one who had written the piece. She then proceeded to say the line above which was an insult to Gabriel saying that he is not a true Irishman. This reveals her true character that she is not all proper and the best person in the world but she has a huge character flaw and cannot see past a political view in an article. Showing that her values are for her country and not for the people within the country. Gabriel is the main character in The Dead and during the feast scene his
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