James Joyce's A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man And The Araby

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A comparison of the Characters from James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and from the Araby.
James Joyce was an Irish novelist, a short-story writer and poet, was born in Dublin on 2 February, 1882. “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” and the short-story “Araby” were written by James Joyce based on his true life which he has under gone his hardship where he had to follow the strict rules by the Catholic religion and feelings towards these religion during his childhood. Both the characters resemble the author’s childhood life. The Araby is written through first person narration and the other one is through second person point of view. Therefore, this essay will be discussing the similarities regarding their sexual desire towards the opposite sex and come to resolution and also some differences between the two characters. It will also argue in what ways and why they were alike or contrast from each other.
One of the similarities between the two characters from the texts is the both the protagonist Stephen Dedalus in ‘A portrait of an artist as a Young Man’ and the unnamed narrator of ‘Araby’ portrays a common behavior where
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By this quote, "0love! 0 love!" (Litzinger,B. & Oates, J,C.1985) shows that the narrator is not praying for the God instead he is just murmuring these words by clasping his palms together and yearning strongly for his beloved. The other example from the text is "places the most hostile to romance"(Litzinger,B.&Oates,J,C.1985). So this means that her image accompanies him while walking even in the places the most hostile to romance. With the above example the narrator portrays the similar character of having strong desire towards the opposite sex as same as Stephen does in the novel. It is obvious that it is natural for the young man to get attracted towards the opposite sex at this age especially in the
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