James Joyce's Ulysses Critical Analysis

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There are a lot of references to famous people or works throughout James Joyce’s Ulysses, one of the most mentioned is Shakespeare. In chapter five, Bloom mentioned a representation of Hamlet by William Shakespeare when he is thinking about the representations of some plays by different actors, he also makes reference to the women playing male roles in theatre. He also makes reference to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar calling Brutus an honourable man. Bloom also makes reference to the famous Coronation Mass Gloria by W.A. Mozart, when he is listening to the choir of the church. “Met her once… tooraloom, tooraloom” (Joyce, 2010: 62) this song is associated with Kellether; it has no author. At one point of the chapter, in page 63, he makes reference to Archimedes’ principle and to Newton’s law. “Where’s old Tweedy’s regiment? Castoff soldier. There: bearskin cap and hackle plume. No, he’s a grenadier” (Joyce, 2010: 64) This regiment actually existed, it was the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, created in 1881 and it was dissolved in 1922. Bloom makes a mistake with their vestments and confuses them with the vestments of the grenadiers. Bloom mentions the Redcoats, the British Army. The name is due to the battle vestment of the British until the 19th century. Maud Gonne is also mentioned, she protested against the enlistment in the British Army in the Boer War (1899- 1902). The press uses her movement in 1904 to protest against the army again. Joyce also refers to Arthur Griffith’s

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