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James K. Polk is the 11th President in which you may know him by leading us into the Mexican war. James K. Polk grew up with hard conditions, but overpowered those problems and became the man he was. As a young child Polk was the oldest of ten children, he was often ill when he was young. James K. Polk as a teen then had survived a major operation of urinary stones. He was the son of a North Carolina farmer and surveyor, James Knox Polk was ten years old when his family crossed the Appalachian Mountains. Growing up on the Tennessee frontier, he inherited his neighbors’ work ethic, resourcefulness, and democratic ideals(JamesPolk.com). James K. Polk then started to learn the work ethics. His mom soon, then began to teach them home schooling. After just two and a half years of formal schooling in Tennessee, Polk was admitted to the University of North Carolina as a sophomore, after he had graduated, he was determined to become a lawyer in Tennessee(biography.com). James Polk…show more content…
James K. Polk soon, then married Sarah Childrens She then began to work with James while he was in office(history.com). James K. Polk was then elected president in . James then began to take on the job of the future president. James K. Polk was known for his territorial expansion of the nation chiefly through the Mexican war. After the war had ended, we as a nation had gained more power of Texas and all the South to North states. James K. Polk did this in which a war had broken out in Mexico over who had owned Texas. In which James K. Polk had handled this by a war in which the U.S. had won. We American look at this as a factor of power in our nation. James K. Polk soon then had died shortly after he had retired(biography.com). James K. Polk had accomplished his work in making our country a stronger nation by expanding it. James K. Polk made one of the most important moves in history which had lead us to becoming the Country we are
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