James K. Polk's Legacy Analysis

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Presidents of the United States of America all hold different legacies for different reasons. Abraham Lincoln helped abolish slavery and unite a country; John F. Kennedy is accredited, yet was not even president or alive, for the moon landing. And poor Grover Cleveland is remembered for getting stuck in the White House bathtub. Whether the stories are true or false, the legend of most presidents live on. These legends and stories of legacy can often leave stones unturned. Many of the notable presidents in America's history live on through the American conscious due their participation in wars or uncertain times, but president James K. Polk is left out. Although President James K. Polk is overlooked by the glamor and notorieties of other American leaders, his presidency started off with very distinct goals that lead to a positive public influence. He used his executive power to reach those goals, and carved an incredible pathway for contemporary presidents. James K. Polk's presidency took place during the crucial forbearer to the western expansion, the ideals and actions of Manifest Destiny, and the Civil War. James Knox Polk was sworn into the Presidential…show more content…
Words can often influence more of a president's legacy. One of the most influential speakers to take executive office was president Barack Obama. In his inaugural speech in 2009; President Obama referenced God having a plan for the United States by saying, "The knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny"6. He continues to feed the beast by saying, "We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense." This speech has many similarities to President Polk's. While both draw a direct connection to God, the main similarity is the idea that America and her citizens stand alone and fundamentally separate from other countries. President Polk and Obama see this as a strength but only Polk pushes it to the idea of elitism and
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