James Longstreet's Role In The Mexican-American War

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In the Battle of Gettysburg it was an important victory for both sides. It was a turning point for the North if they won. It was an important victory for the South because if they would of won the battle they would've probably won the war. In the Battle of Gettysburg Lee’s plan was to try to invade the North although the North had already established the ‘’J’’ hook and had the high ground, which meant that if the South wanted to attack they would have to go from the low grounds up to the high grounds where the Union was . Longstreet told Lee not to invade but Lee thought that if the invasion worked the Confederates would be victorious. So Lee told his men to invade the Union and the Union stood their ground and stopped the Confederates…show more content…
James Longstreet was educated at westover near Augusta. Received another kind of education their and later on it would help him become a good soldier. James Longstreet first offered his service to the Confederates through the state of Alabama after resigning his commission as a major part in the U.S. army. Longstreet first saw war in the Mexican-American War. In the Mexican-American War it really showed his leadership and that is how he became a general. In the Mexican American War he won a lot of battles which helped America win the war. During the Mexican-American War James Longstreet suffered a leg wound. James Longstreet recovered from the injury and was still just as good of a general than he was before the leg wound. After the Mexican-American War was over he settled down. Until tension between the North and South became a big thing and then the war broke out. He chose to be a general for the Confederates because of his Georgia background. Robert E Lee was a fantastic general who won lots of battles, but made one mistake in a battle, that shaped the whole turn out of the Civil War. If Lee would of listened to Longstreet maybe it could of saved Lee from making that mistake. Longstreet’s plan was to not charge and fight another day and if Lee would've listened the war might still be going on
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