James Madison Biography

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President James Madison, formerly Secretary of State, was a member of the Democratic - Republican Party and was given the label ‘father of the United States Constitution’ by some. In addition to this he was essential in the framing of the Virginian constitution and a leader in the Virginian Assembly. He’s responsible, even if just partly, for some well-known documents we remember in the present day, and was supportive of a protective tariff in addition to the creation of a national bank in the years of his retirement. There’s so much more to this founding father than meets the eye, and delving deeper into his history can unveil some surprising facts. Regardless of his involvement in the creation of the Constitution, James Madison was not one of the…show more content…
Jefferson had offered this position to him before the outcome of the election of eighteen-hundred was known. During these eight years, he and Jefferson negotiated with France for what is known as the ‘Louisiana Purchase’ of eighteen-o-three. “Despite concerted effort, however, they could not convince the Spanish to sell West Florida,” wrote The White House. Madison, Jefferson, and the Secretary of Treasury Albert Gallatin made up what was known as the Republican triumvirate. A triumvirate, being a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals, was common in Ancient Rome. The first of these was comprised of Caesar, Pompey, and Marcus Crassus. He later ran for president and was elected in eighteen-o-eight, assuming the presidency in Madison had a tumultuous presidency filled with difficulties as he ended his first term and began his second during the War of 1812. Congress, which acted upon the advice of the June message and declared war June 18, had neglected to follow Madison 's counsel of the previous November (Dictionary of American
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