James Madison Research Paper

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James Madison and members of the constitutional convention created an important document called the Constitution. The Constitution is a document consisting of 3 parts, the preamble, the articles, and the amendments. The preamble is an introduction explaining the purpose of the document. The Constitution also has 7 articles and the first 3 lay out the structures and powers of the three branches (legislative branch, the executive branch, and the Supreme Court). The last part, the amendments includes the Bill of Rights and other changes in the constitution. The Constitution is a successful document for some many years and the 3 most important characteristic of the Constitution that have allowed it to be successful are it guards against tyranny,…show more content…
Federalism is defined as the division of power between the federal and state governments. James Madison states, “In the compound republic of America, the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments…” The federal government may have a more power than the state government but it still doesn’t have the full power. The responsibilities given to the federal government are called delegated powers and those include to regulate trade, coin money, raise an army/navy, declare war, make treaties, etc. Responsibilities given to the state governments are called reserved powers in which these powers are at a state/local level. Reserved powers include providing police and fire protection, establishing schools, hold elections, pass marriage and divorce laws, and regulating business within the state. Both the federal and state governments have some exclusive power of their own while sharing other powers also. Powers given to both of the governments is the power to collect taxes, build roads, establish courts, make/enforce laws, etc. Federalism is one of many characteristics that have allowed the Constitution to be prosperous for many years because it divided the powers between the central government and the state…show more content…
Today the US government has a legislative branch, an executive branch (commander in chief), and a judicial branch. Each branch doesn’t have more control than the other nor does it full power. Based on James Madison, “...Liberty requires that the three great departments of power should be separate and distinct.” The legislative branch is responsible for making laws, controlling money, raising an army, impeach(fire) the commander in chief, declare wars, etc. The second branch, the executive branch is also known as the president. The president is responsible to grant pardons to criminals, make treaties, enforce laws, be in charge of the country’s army/navy, appoint federal judges, etc. The final branch the Judicial Branch (Supreme Court) is made up of 9 justices and they can declare a law unconstitutional and interpret laws. Separation of powers has made the Constitution successful because it has made sure that the 3 branches in today 's government don’t have more power than each other or full
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