How Did James Madison Ratify The Constitution?

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The Constitutional Convention was a meeting held in Philadelphia, including 55 delegates that would help rewrite the laws of their country and shape the Constitution. One of those 55 delegates was a Virginian politician, nicknamed “The Father of the Constitution”. Although being one of the youngest delegates, he played a major role in shaping the constitution that runs our country. This man is James Madison Jr. James Madison was born on March 16, 1751 at Port Conway, King George County, Virginia while his mother was visiting her parents. His mother was Nellie Conway Madison and his father was James Madison Sr. After being born, his mother traveled back to Montpelier estate, in Orange County which became his lifelong home. He was the oldest of twelve children and a descendant of the planter aristocracy. When he was a child, he received…show more content…
Overall, I would give Madison an “A” which means he was a very significant part of the constitution. I believe that he deserves this grade because he played a part in the whole process, not just one. He helped give ideas, take notes, compose, and even ratify the constitution. First of all, it it weren't for his ideas about how the government should run, we might have never had the three branches of government that we know of today. Also, if Madison have not taken the notes that he did, then the Constitution might not have the ideas that the delegates agreed upon in the past. Next, he was the one who composed the very first drafts of the constitution, which helped the delegates know what they needed to fix and add on to. Lastly, he helped ratify the constitution. If it were not for the countless essays that he wrote, the constitution might have never been signed in the first place. Ultimately, I gave James Madison an “A” because I believe that he played a very big role in the creation of the constitution that we know of
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