James Madison's Accomplishments

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James Madison was a very outstanding president and was the best president that the United States has ever seen. Prior to his presidency he co-wrote the Federalist Papers and got the nickname “Father of The Constitution”. (Gunderson, James Madison) Madison also supported the Louisiana purchase while he was in congress as the secretary of John Adams. (Miller Center, Life in Brief) The presidency of James Madison was very acknowledged. In his presidency he accomplished many things, including his way with the people of the United States and started the War of 1812 which stopped a lot of argument about trade between the United States and Britain. He made the United States think that the War of 1812 would be a good way to stop all of the United …show more content…

Madison had a lot of popularity before his presidency, but gained a lot due to The War of 1812.(Miller Center, Foreign Affairs) Because of the rechartering of the bank, he also earned more popularity. During The War of 1812 he was looked down upon by some people because the British came into Washington and burned down some important political buildings. Madison regained his popularity back when the battle in New Orleans happened. The Treaty of Ghent was signed after a battle on Lake Champlain.(Miller Center, Foreign Affairs) James Madison’s ways with people were really good and that is why he got elected twice in a row and Congress allowed him permission to go into The Second War For …show more content…

This is why he ran for president after he co-wrote the Federalist Papers, and he also supported organizations to send slaves back to Africa. (Gunderson) Madison allowed trade with Britain and France in 1810 because not trading with them was costing the United States Money. After the United States started trading with them again, they started seizing ships and capturing United States sailors. Madison did not enjoy this so he declared war. During Madison’s presidency he mainly focused on The War of 1812 more than anything else. Madison had the nickname “Father of The Constitution” for a reason, and that reason is that he wanted all people in the United States to have equal rights shared between everyone. He did most of his things to make everyone equal before he became president, but while he was president he tried his hardest to make everyone in the United States

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