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Biographical Information
Date and Place of Birth: April 28, 1758, in Westmoreland County, Virginia
Family: Father Spence Monroe, Mother Elizabeth Jones Monroe, Married to Elizabeth Monroe, 3 Children
Education: Campbelltown Academy, College of William & Mary
Early Career: Soldier in the 3rd Virgina Regiment in the Continental Army
Previous Political Offices Held: Member of the Continental Congress, United States Senator, minister to France, minister to England, governor of Virginia, Secretary of State, Secretary of War
Interesting Facts: He was the first president to travel by steamboat, the United States issued a postage stamp in his honor in 1954, he died on the same day as Thomas Jefferson and John Adams five years later
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All regions of the country were affected by failing banks, foreclosures, and growing unemployment numbers. Many Americans were even thrown into debtors prison. The Panic of 1819 was caused by numerous things, such as the war of 1812, a growing number of unregulated banks did not have enough gold or silver to cover anything, and a major trade deficit was taking place in the United States which caused a decrease in demand for American products (American Histroama). Despite this being a major issue of James Monroe’s presidency, he believed that the economy would eventually recover. This became a significant issue in history because it was the first major economic crisis faced in the United States and it shaped our economy into what it is …show more content…

He was the last of America’s Founding Fathers and was the last member of the Virginia Dynasty. He made many significant accomplishments while in office such as the Monroe Doctrine, the Missouri Compromise, and presided over the Era of Good Feelings. He also worked to recover the nation after the unexpected Panic of 1819. This caused a major downfall in the United States economy. Monroe was able to work through it and rebuild a stable economy. His most significant accomplishment was the Monroe Doctrine, which was a bold statement that expressed how the United States was free from future European colonization and that foreign nations should not involve itself in American issues. He had the leadership skills and qualifications necessary for the presidency and will be remembered for his accomplishments in office and how they had an impact on American

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