James Patterson Character Analysis

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The author James Patterson uses the antagonist to help the story develop and to create character development by robbing people, living in the black market and using people for their fame. This is significant because the antagonist drives events which create the plot and the story. During the story, there is a mysterious guy named Louise. He seems mysterious and tries using the kids for their money, even though he knows he could get in big trouble. Louie is the guy that secretly sells stuff to people, in the black market. Most people that work with him don’t even think about how he acts. Louie is the antagonist and is using them in a bad way. For instance, on page 130 it says “The first thing Tommy did when he returned to the helm was switched the Silence switch Ais transponder.” Therefore, this tells me that Louise’s cleaners turned on the switch so they could track them and use them and that is how the police got there. This is really mysterious. Specifically, when this happens in the story it tells me that he was using them and all he wants is their money. They were being tracked and tracked by Louis Louie because he told them to put the switch on so he could track them down and beat them to the treasure. He does this because he knows that they are kids and they can get tricked easily.…show more content…
This shows he is an antagonist. Specifically, how he acted, how cocky he was and warned the kids when they were at his place. This told me that he is bad and is trying to go for them and their money. He is also an antagonist because of how he was in the black market and sold stuff secretly and illegally. This just makes me think of how bad he could be and how someone like him would take advantage of kids walking around with billions of dollars just sitting in their
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