James Patterson's Maximum Ride

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James Patterson’s book, Maximum Ride, is quite the journey. It is a sensational and conflicting story that definitely the reader intrigued. It is about six young kids who finally escaped from a lab where they were experimented on and were brought there after being kidnapped. The six kids are; Max, who has the leader role in the group, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Angel and Nudge. They have grown up together and are on the mission to find their parents. The flock is taken in by Anne, who works for the FBI and knows their secret. They are human-avian hybrids, so they all have wings. Also, they are on the run from Erasers who are half human and half wolf and the Erasers despise the kids, together known as the flock. A very prominent lesson in the book is that real friends are supportive and dependable and they are always there when needed.

In the beginning of the story, we soon realize that the flock is able to fight off anything or anyone that gets in their way by supporting and helping each other. Each individual in the flock is strong, but when together they are almost invincible. For example, when they were ambushed by Erasers they each
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The flock isn’t under Anne’s supervision anymore and they are on their own. They are in a hotel and in the middle of the night Max is kidnapped and replaced by a decoy Max who is trained by Erasers. Max is put in sensory deprivation tank and is held there for a long time until she escapes. Max finds the flock and they work together to defeat the fake Max, "’I think I’m Angel,’ she said. ‘And my dog isn’t stupid. You’re the stupid one, to think that you could fool us. I can read minds, you idiot.” (390). This is showing that Angel had to reveal that it was the fake Max so the rest of the flock would know and believe the real Max. Angel did what she had to do for the sake of the flock staying
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