Epipens Rhetorical Analysis

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James R. Baker, MD and chief medical officer of Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), writing an article for the STAT Magazine, discloses information regarding the pharmaceutical drug pricing controversy, in his case EpiPens, that affects many middle-classed Americans. By using the appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos, Baker presents a viewpoint that is antagonistic of the business practices pharmaceutical companies have been following for the last decade. One of the ways Baker acknowledges their argument is by appealing to the emotion of his audience with his introductory sentence that shows how parents are forced to make hard choices surrounding the health of their children. “All too often, parents of children with food allergies are forced to make hard choices. Many are splitting up twin packs of EpiPens, others are keeping them past their expiration dates, delaying filling the prescription,…show more content…
Baker’s focus in this article is to be show the controversy surrounding the pricing of EpiPens and how it effects middle classed families, his view on the controversy also ties into the bigger controversy which is on a whole larger scale. The article, “How 4 Drug Companies Rapidly Raised Prices on Life-Saving Drugs” Written in the Los Angeles Times by Melody Patterson shows how the price increases in these lifesaving drugs are hurting the economic stability of middle class households and the health of patients who cannot afford them. As the mother who was interviewed for the article recalls “ "I was hopeless and depressed at the thought of what would happen to my perfect little girl if I was not able to help her. I looked into any way I could think of to come up with the almost $360,000 necessary to treat my daughter for a year." The points emphasized by Patterson provided great context for Dr. Baker’s argument as it draws light to how many middle classed families struggle to find ways to raise money in order to acquire the medicine needed for their
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