How To Write A Brief Summary Of James R. Benn's Novel

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James R. Benn is an America novelist from New York City, New York is best known for the Billy Boyle World War II Mystery series. These are historical thriller mysteries set in THE World War II era. A graduate of the University of Connecticut and with a Master of Library of Science from the Southern Connecticut State University, Benn started writing his first novel when he was fifty years old. He first started writing in 2006 and went full time in 2010.

James R. Benn series of novels center on the adventures of Billy Boyle a detective in the Boston Police Department. Billy Boyle was the first novel in the series published in 2006 to critical acclaim and much commercial success. The Billy Boyle series of novels is one of the most popular historical thrillers, with a quirky character that offers spectacular insider insights on the workings of the American military during the Second World War. The novels have sold thousands of copies over the years.

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But as soon as he gets back he is saddled with two of the toughest cases of his investigations career. The first is a request from Sergeant Eugene Jackson a longtime friend who he grew up with and served with in the military that is now facing racism as well as conspiracy in his unit. Even as he is now on vacation, it will not be so easy to help his friend, as Major Cosgrove of British Intelligence wants his expertise on a delicate and bizarre case of the murder of a British accountant that may be linked to some higher ups in the US Army. Cosgrove gives him very scanty information about the murder, which makes him think that maybe the army major has something to hide. But with the mysterious murder set in the village near Sergeant Eugene’s regiment, Billy Boyle may just have the opportunity to resolve both murder

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