James Rachels Reverse Discrimination

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Reverse discrimination is unequal, preferential treatment against some people to advance the interest of others. This is an issue that has been around for years and will be for years to come. Whether it is two students applying for college or adults applying for a job interview reverse discrimination can play a part. The author James Rachels describes how in society reverse discrimination is constantly a factor. Giving preferential treatment to those who have been treated poorly in the past is a question James Rachels raises and defends in his writing. One point he raises is that two students are applying for admissions into school. They each take a test testing their knowledge. The black student makes a 700 while the white makes a 720. The school accepts the black student even though his score was lower to have more black students brought into the profession. Both students exceeded the standard score of 600 but the white student was turned down because the blacks were once racially discriminated. The author defends that blacks still hold low profession jobs…show more content…
Any argument on reverse discrimination to me is not valid. The reasons being is because based on the topic above what would be the point of students taking the test in the first place? If there is a number to qualify for admission then the highest number should be admitted. Yes, blacks have been discriminated in the past and are still some today. But the whites today are dealing with discrimination as well. Some whites do not hold high standing jobs while blacks do. In our country anyone can hold any position regardless of race, as evidence by our last President. Some whites can not even apply for some scholarships for the simple fact of their skin color. Whites are also limited in the colleges they can attend because they are all black colleges. No one of either race living today is responsible for the unjust that was done in the
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