James Taylor's Folk Music Career

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James Taylor
James Taylor made folk music popular and won many awards during his singing and songwriting career. Because James Taylor made folk music popular, he was named the folk music god. James Taylor was a pioneer in the folk music genre, and he earned forty gold, platinum, multi-platinum awards, making him one of the greatest musicians up to date.
James Taylor had many ways he got interested in music. During his early life James was encouraged to be musical and so were his sisters (Larkin, 2002). They were encouraged by their mom. At the age of 16 James Ran away to join his brother’s rock band instead of going to Milton Academy (Larkin, 2002). He did this because he didn’t want to Milton Academy instead he
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James was in and out of the mental hospital when he and his friend Danny Kortchmar wrote and recorded his first songs (Lowe, 2004). This helped him start his music career. To get a real start he had Peter Asher and Paul McCartney listen to him sing and got a chance to record his music(Larkin, 2002). This is how he first got known by people. James Taylor 's first album was made in 1968 and received 3 stars. At the time he was signed with Apple (Larkin, 2002).
When James was younger, he had many struggles. When James moved out of the house he got hooked on heroin at the age of 18 (Larkin, 2002). This could have destroyed his musical career. Also at 17 he went to a mental institution for his depression (Larkin, 2002). This was very unhealthy for him. Because of his depression, he started to write songs and the songs became popular and so did he. When James was a druggie his brain cells got messed up, but later they healed (Larkin, 2002). This could have been fatal, but it wasn’t.
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One of his best albums spent two years the on US charts (Larkin, 2002). This happened early in his career. Also, he is in the Rock and Roll hall of fame because of his great music. This is one of his greatest awards ever. James first No.1 hit in 1971 called "You 've got a friend" (Mulson, 2018). This was a major accomplishment in his career. James Taylor made folk music popular (Lowe,2004). He was known as the Folk music god. Bill Clinton named him "a national treasure" because of his great music (Lowe, 2004). A lot of people enjoyed his music. Even though He had many accomplishments through his success there were hardships too.
Success isn’t always good because it can be hard for famous people. The worst part of James’s success was for him to use his private life info and tell the public (Browne, 2018). It was hard for him to do this. His favorite part of his success is he loves his audience and loves to make music for them (Browne, 2018). He loves all of his fans. On May 27 2018 James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt will be going on a spring, summer tour (Mulson, 2018). This is happening this summer.

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