James Thurber University Days Analysis

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James Thurber is positioned in one of the most prestigious American humorists. His short story "University Days" has portrayed lively everything about those days he spent at Ohio State University. Despite passing most of his classes, he still could not complete the degree by one subject. As it was, but Thurber was not embarrassed to laugh at himself and to give out his exasperation. I am fascinated by the way he narrated his own story, witty but delicate. Thematically, the story focuses on the absence of personalization in the guideline of Thurber’s lecturers. During his lifetime, Thurber had to cope with the vision issues, which made him nearly sightless without wearing glasses. The situation took place in a dreaded botany class, where was impossible for Thurber to see through the microscope lens with his thick glasses. Therefore, he failed the course and was compelled to take it the second time. Without ever really arraigning the school, Thurber clearly denied a reasonable playing field with his eyes problem. Digging deeper…show more content…
His amusingness was used throughout, which helped build the distinctively exhilarating way of telling story. The descriptive words have played an important role in creating the enjoyment of the essay. For example, the character simply had to emphasize a milky blurriness was all he saw through the microscope, he instead mentioned “the familiar lacteal opacity”. Sometimes, even prevalent phrases in daily life were used but with a lot of fun in it, such as “I could take it, but I couldn’t dish it out”, which concerned his propensity for running into things in the gymnasium. That explains for the success of Thunder’s writing style; he depicted each circumstance transparently and also provided examples along with it. In this way he showed his strong attachment to words and the ability to keep away from dreary, redundant
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