James Wilson: Cause Of The American Revolution

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James Wilson James Wilson sailed for the New World in 1765. Wilson also became involved in Revolutionary politics.There was six signers of the Declaration of Independence and James was one of the six. During the next year he was an appearing member of the Continental Congress. The year after that James Wilson was elected for provincial assembly. James Wilson ended up taking over the Committee of Correspondence in 1774. He was involved because he knew what the soldiers were doing was illegal and against the law. James had some opinions on the Committee of Correspondence. He was refusing to vote against his will of his peers. He had three other members who respected his position. Back at home he got Pennsylvania to vote for their independence.…show more content…
The colonists began to form their own form of type of government. James Wilson played a part in helping the colonist to realize they could be free of Britain 's rule. The Committee of Correspondence and James Wilson talked to the colonies about the British over taxing them, their beliefs, and government. The colonist stopped the supply from Britain. The people also stopped sending tax to Britain. As a member of the Pennsylvanian Provincial Congress James Wilson spoke of an unconstitutional act made by legislature. The system for watching governmental acts with the constitution now well on its way. James Wilson was a very influential person with ideas that really helped to bring forth some of the most important…show more content…
He was a strong leader for his colonie. He wanted the colonist to have their freedom. He also wanted them to have their independence as they wished. When he was given the chance he argued that the parliament had no rights to pass laws upon the colonist. Shortly after James was elected, he thought it was a position with the most complete members that demand for separation from Britain. James had powers of orientation that he used to his advance. The position of his arrival and the logic he made use of in his debate. They debate was commented on by the members of the congress. (“A Biography Of James Wilson (1742-1798).” < Biographies &lt; American History From Revolution To Reconstruction and beyond. Web. 12 Nov. 2015. &lt;>) James Wilson had a long journey throughout his life. But he accomplished many things that put a mark on history. To this day we still admire the things he achieved and his part he played in the war. As many know James Wilson was not recognized for many things. James Wilson and the colonist are ready to fight! Bibliography Web. 20 Nov.
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