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As Elbert Hubbard once said, “truth is stranger than fiction.” The truth about Jamestown is that it was fated to be unsuccessful. In 2014, 320,090,857 people lived in the United States; back in 1607, a small group of 100 men from England inhabited the same land in the new world. Aspiring to be the first permanent English settlement in The New World, colonist filled three boats and set sail up the Chesapeake Bay and landed in Jamestown, Virginia. Colonists had three major troubles when settling in Jamestown: controversial relationships, lack of skill, and environmental problems. The settlers had a problematic start to their journey causing almost 80% of the population to die in the initial stages of Jamestown. So many people died in the early…show more content…
With such limited resources, Smith knew his men had to increase their efforts. By putting this law in place the men who worked got what they deserved: a meal. Although the colonists were lacking skills in many areas, the majority of people brought over were Gentleman: men who refused to or did little of work because of their status and wealth. In addition, there were no surgeons or farmers reported to be on any of the ship 's (Doc. C: Smith, John. First and Second Jamestown Ship Lists, 1624). The fail to properly plan for their voyage shows the unpreparedness and unsafe circumstances the settlers were living with. Captain John Smith, who had brought much-needed authority to the colonists, returned to England due to a gunshot wound he received. His departure happened to fall just months before winter came, leaving the unprofessional settlers wallowing in their inadequacy. With no structure the settlers were ill-fated in becoming the first permanent of the new…show more content…
Establishing a new colony brought many unforeseen difficulties to the settlers. Because of the lack of planning, many settlers died unexpectedly in the early stages of the Jamestown colony. However the tragedies in Jamestown allowed future settlers and explorers to effectively colonize in that they were aware of the circumstances they would face. In the time to come settlers would bring more people of professional skill; needed to create a successful town. The Jamestown people, despite their struggles with death, were the birth of our nation. Although the hardships pertaining to environmental, social, and personal problems were in fact, almost the death of the Jamestown

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