Jamestown Descriptive Writing

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It 's been a long night. I just needed to sit, relax and think. So I flew to the top of the tallest building here in Newtown. It 's a big tan colored skyscraper covered in shiny windows. As I fly up into the sky I gently drag my finger across every window and feel the little bumps of the window panes. I get to the top of the building, I sit down on the smooth ledge, and dangle my feet over the awake, loud, living city. I need some air. I start falling off the building carelessly face first. I fall and fall until i 'm close to getting a face full of concrete. Then I swoop up, my body straightens out, my long, black, shiny hair flowing behind me full of wind. I shoot up into the sky full of stars and drop down again. Then all of a sudden I see something flying towards me. FAST. It hits me. HARD. All of a sudden instead of flying forwards, im being shot sideways right into a short brick building and I collapsed into the old red and orange colored bricks. I tumble down the wall into a pile of older bricks that had already started falling off the outside of the building. I…show more content…
No explosion. Meredith comes at me in the air, and grabs my wrists. Her perfectly manicured nails dig into my wrists and she puts cold metal chains around them. I don 't see a point in trying to escape anymore. She pulls me by my wrists from the cold night sky and flies me down to a big black armored truck surrounded by police in combat boots holding rifles and shields. I stay calm. I stay patient. I have nothing to work for anymore. They violently shove me into the back of the truck and tie me down. The police look at me, nod their heads and slam the back doors shut. It 's over for me. On my way to the prison I feel each bump in the street and hear the tires driving over some gravel. Crunching, and rolling under the tires. After almost a 15 minute drive the truck halts to a stop and the police hop out of the sides of the truck. They unlock all the doors and pull open the heavy back doors.
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