Jamestown: New English Settlement In The New World

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Jamestown colonists ,under any condition, never vaticinate about a conclusion on the New World and yet not intending death was seeking its way towards Jamestown. Jamestown was to be the first permanent English settlement in the New World. Spring of 1607, three English ships were conveying more than a hundred passengers. The English ships were entering the mouth of Chesapeake Bay working the way up the James River. Seeking for treasures and probably uncovering a new route to China, the colonists hopes were through the roof. It was really interesting to know that after all these deaths in Jamestown, the colony withstood and expanded. Another surprise it that Pocahontas was partly involved in this situation. Occupations, Indian attacks, and diseases motivated death in early Jamestown with these major problems in 1607 through 1611.…show more content…
“One surgeon on the ship in the ship list” (Smith 59). If there were ailing men and needed aid from a surgeon, one surgeon can’t shelter all of the colonists from dying painfully. Did colonists ever talked about protection? “There were zero gunsmith on the ship” (Smith 59). Colonists can’t defend one another from harm against questionable consequences. The three items you mainly need in life is shelter, water, and food. On the ship list, the colonists forgot about a cook or even a farmer. In conclusion on the Jamestown Ship List, there should have been more numbers of skilled men compared to deaths on the
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