Jamestown Vs Plymouth Plantation Essay

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Jamestown and Plymouth the two locations that had been found by leaders. Who are these leaders? Jamestown was discovered by a man named John Smith, He was a braggart. The Plymouth plantation was discovered by a man named William Bradford. He was a very humble man. These two men wrote journals and they were both elected as leaders to lead the native people. After they have had a pretty bad past of their own. They had gone through starvation times. These two men we 're both from england and they we 're english men. But they both died by natural causes these two men we 're leaders that people loved and adored. Plymouth plantation was discovered by William Bradford, He was a very humble man(Bradford 81). Both of these men were elected as leaders by their native people. These two men have been through the worst . They also fought threw the worst to become great leaders these leaders are smart they don 't only have to take care of themselves but of more people such as there people the ones who need William Bradford as there leader. William Bradford had religious reasons on what he did the Plymouth plantation was discovered in 1947. William Bradford is an Englishman whom is also from England. He was an author he wrote journals about his story. Jamestown and plymouth these two places are different but very similar in some ways.…show more content…
In my opinion i would want to travel with the people from Jamestown. John Smith is a reasonable man whom those who work may eat those who don 't work would starve. And die if they did not want to work they can not eat. Also a main source of making money for him was growing tobacco in Virginia anyone can have lots of money by growing tobacco on rich Virginia soil. People in this town are basically on their own to survive and work for what they want. Although yes we was a braggart he was also i great a leader. Men were also the first people to be a big part of Jamestown, but i would also have people who would care for me such as
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