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ORIGIN: Urdu language.
MEANING: Jamia; university, Millia; national.
Jamia millia Islamia is a public central university, located in Delhi. It was established at Aligarh in United Provinces, India during British Rule in 1920. It becomes a central university by an Act of Indian Independence in 1988.
Under the colonial British Rule, two dominant trends join hands and contributed towards in the birth of Jamia's. One was the anti-colonial Islamic activism and the other was the pre-independence aspiration of the politically radical section of western educated Indian Muslim intelligentsia. In the political climate of 1920, the two trends gravitated together with Mahatma Ghandi as a catalyst. The anti-colonial activism signified by khilafat and the pro-independence aspiration symbolized by the non-cooperation movement of Indian national congress helped
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Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, and Abdul Majeed khawja supported by Ghandi Ji shifted Jamia from Aligarh to Karol Bagh, in New Delhi in 1925. Ghandi ji boosted the morale of Jamia saying,” The Jamia has to run. If you’re worried about its finances I will go about with a begging bowl. Though Jamia has its supporters however the risk of helping a congress backed institutions under the British rule dissuaded many willing benefactors. During those difficult days it was hakim Ajmal khan who met most of Jamia’s expenses from his own pocket. Dr.M.Ansari and Abdul Majeed khawja toured India and abroad explaining the importance of Jamia and for collecting funds for this noble enterprise. This collective intervention did avert a collapse which was almost certain.In 1925 however after along deliberation, a group of three friends studying in Germany i-e Dr Zakir Hussain, Dr Abid Hussain and Dr Muhammad Mujeeb decided to serve Jamia. Dr Zakir Hussain was offered a salary of Rs 100, later on reduced to

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