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Jamie Foxx was born on December 13th, 1967 in Terrell, Texas. He has always been a well-rounded talented individual. Jamie Foxx was born Eric Marlon Bishop, but he changed his name after he stepped on the stage at a Comedy Club. He took his androgynous stage name because he learned that women got preference for mike time on open stage nights (Sacksteder, John). Meaning, he chose his stage name to trick people into thinking he was a female. Jamie Foxx was one of the first comedians to incorporate R&B and soul music into his stand-up comedy specials. He would play piano, sing songs that he created and also re-arranged, and performed songs that the audience already knew or that were popular. Basically, he did it all! This is what really separated…show more content…
He actually wrote some of the sketches that they did. This is where he really started to get involved with television. Afterwards, he had the opportunity of having his own TV sitcom called The Jamie Foxx Show where he played as Jamie King Jr. This was from 1996-2001 (Sacksteder, John). This is also when Jamie started to really make a name for himself. In the 2000’s, Jamie Foxx started to grow into his own on the acting side of things, being viewed more as a dramatic actor. Jamie Foxx’s first big breakthrough came in1999 in the sports drama Any Given Sunday. Playing football star Willie Beamen, Foxx showed incredible range in his performance and held his own against one of film 's greats Al Pacino. This movie generated $75.5 million worldwide. His next notable film role was in Michael Mann 's Ali, which generated $58.2 million, followed by two powerful performances in 2004: opposite Tom Cruise in the thriller Collateral and starring in the eagerly anticipated biopic Ray. Together, both movies generated a total of $176.3 million…show more content…
Jamie had this to say, "Imagine having your eyes glued shut for 14 hours a day," Mr. Foxx says, inhaling deeply. "That 's your jail sentence” (Ogunnaike, Lola). Jamie Foxx spends so much time, effort, and energy on acting that it seems as if he doesn’t really have time to do music full-time. He’s simply just too focused on acting. In addition, Jamie entered the music industry when it was on the down side of his era. That made it really hard for Jamie because in today’s generation, soul and R&B isn’t as popular as it once was. Also, I believe that the money generated from making these movies influenced him to keep the ball rolling. Jamie Foxx has played in plenty other movies after The Soloist: Django Unchained, White House Down, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Horrible Bosses, Annie, and his latest movie Sleepless, which was released in 2017. All of these movies have good ratings. His talents, musically, has opened up many doors and when they did, Jamie Foxx took full advantage. As an artist, Jamie excelled in the music industry from 2003 to 2008, but that was the only high part within his music career. Overall, Jamie Foxx’s career continues to thrive as he strives to take advantage of open opportunities and meet

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