Jamie Naboznie's 'Stand Up To Bullying !'

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Stand up to bullying! By Vibhu Janardhanan core ½ 2/2/17 (Topic Sentence)No kid deserves to get bullied. (Surprising Fact)Do you know that every year, 4,400 kids every commit suicide every year because they get bullied? 30% of those kids are gay or lesbian. (Background Information)Jamie Nabozny, a boy who goes to school in a small town in Wisconsin, faces constant torture from other kids because he is gay. They punch him and say mean things such as (Craft)“I will kill you” to his ear. The abuse reached a point that Jamie ran away and tried to commit suicide. Some of the abuse was so frightful that he had to be in the hospital for a few days! However, he stood up for himself and went to court to end the bullying, which made Jamie and his…show more content…
(Evidence) Jamie Nabozny, the main character in “Bullied,” gets bullied by his classmates in many forms such as physical and verbal bullying. Jamie could not go to school with everyone bullying him; in addition, he tried to commit suicide by swallowing an assemblage of pills because he couldn’t handle the bullies shoving him on the hard, metal locker or touching him in inappropriate areas of his bodies. Everyday at school, he became more (Craft)lethargic than the day before(Elaboration) The bullies assume that whatever they are doing is fine because the school administrators did not care, so they kept doing it. It hurt Jamie so much that he lost the will to live. (Clincher)Some may argue saying that the victims must stand up for himself, however, bullies hurts the victims in many ways, including teasing and pushing. As a result, the victim will feel helpless and may commit suicide. (Sequence) The impact of the abuse and harassment emotionally hurt Jamie, giving him the ideas to take to pills. The school administrators failed to help Jamie. The principal even denied it at court; nevertheless it was (Craft)conspicuous that the principal was lying because Roy told the truth to the judge. Since he stood up to Roy Grande and went to court, he got them in trouble and the school administrators had to pay Jamie $900,000. This gave other gay and lesbian kids the courage to stand up to…show more content…
Some of the (Craft)egregious effects includes depression, which deeply affect the people around you, such as Jamie’s mother. (Main points) Jamie Nabozny was being bullied every day in many forms, including verbal abuse and physically being beaten. At first, he did not stand up for himself, so the bullying got worse. any people, he could not handle the pressure so he attempted to commit suicide. Later, he stood up for himself and went to court and it was palpable (Craft) that the bullying ended with Roy Grande admitting what he did. (Prediction) If we all stand up against bullying, there will be no more bullying and no kid can commit will commit suicide or deal with the same situation as Jamie. (Question) Will you take a stand up against

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