Jamie Nabozny Thesis Statement

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A Message to Victims
(Topic Sentence/Question) Every year, about 3.2 million kids teens are bullied at school to the point where suicide seems like their only escape. Jamie Nabozny was one of those people who almost committed suicide because he felt hopeless. After being encouraged to sue the Ashland School District in court, and winning, (thesis statement) he has made it his mission to encourages others to fight back. (Background Info) Jamie Nabozny was a typical middle school student who happened to be gay. The bullying started with some students calling him pejorative (CRAFT) names behind the teacher’s back, and sometimes, right in front of the teacher’s face. He put up with it for some time until attempting to commit suicide. He had to have his stomach pumped while his mother stood by with no idea of how how to help her son. Nabozny’s mother spoke to the middle school principal who dismissed her claims saying “boys will be boys”. (thesis statement) Anyone can be victim
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(Explain with evidence). A particularly horrific incident occurred where a group of boys kicked Nabozny so hard he had to have surgery. They told Nabozny not to tell anyone about what they did or they would kill him. (Clincher) The threat prevented Nabozny from seeking help at first but the second time he ran away he was convinced by a social worker to hold the school accountable for all that had happened to him. By suing the school, Jamie Nabozny’s case became well known, as not many students who sue schools actually succeed. David Springer was the head lawyer in Nabozny’s case. However, Springer went through a laborious (CRAFT) process to push the court into having a trial. (Significance) The court ended up unanimously blaming the school district as guilty on all accounts. It showed others across the nations that even though the school neglected his protests, the judges and jury did
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