Jamjoom Pharma Case Study

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Marketing logistics Jamjoom Pharma has business collaboration and supply agreements with several well-recognized cosmeceutical companies in Europe such as Alpol, Vitacosmed & Prestige Cosmetics. Jamjoom Pharma factory purchases its equipment and raw materials from the top-of-the-range suppliers in Europe and the US, such as Bausch and Stroebel, Uhlmann, GEA Diesel, Robert Bosch, Killian, Getinge, Pharmagel, Glatt, Finn Aqua, IWK, Norden, Weiler, Optrel, Mettler Toledo, and Fitzpatrick. This is an Inbound distribution in the marketing logistics. Jamjoom Pharma has appointed two of the largest distributors of pharmaceutical products in Saudi Arabia. Jamjoom Pharma factory has appointed well-established distributors to handle the distribution…show more content…
also, the storage chambers and cabinets are continuously monitored and operate independently with its own temperature and humidity controls. Jamjoom Pharma has several distribution centers are designs to move its product. In different location in Jeddah, Riyadh, Al Madinah and Khamis Mushayt Inventory Management: Balance between too much and too little inventory by using Just-in-time logistics. just-in-time is an inventory employ to increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving goods only as they are needed in the production process, thereby reducing inventory costs. This method requires jamjoom Pharma to forecast demand accurately. Jamjoom Pharma is using trucks and air as a transportation carrier. Jamjoom Pharma is using trucks to transport its product among cities in the…show more content…
Channel partners often link up to share information and make better joint logistics decisions. From a logistics, flows of information, such as customer transactions, billing, shipment and inventory levels, and even customer data, are closely linked to channel performance. Companies need simple, accessible, fast, and accurate processes for capturing, processing, and sharing channel information. Information can be shared and managed in many ways, but most sharing takes place through electronic data interchange, the digital exchange of data between organizations. In some cases, suppliers might actually be asked to generate orders and arrange deliveries for their customers. Many large retailers work closely with major suppliers Moen to set up vendor-managed inventory systems or continuous inventory replenishment systems. Using VIM the customer shares real-time data on sales and current inventory levels with the supplier. The supplier then takes full responsibility for managing inventories and

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