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Compare and contrast the life and the works of Jan Blake and kelvin Kling and describe how their personal and cultural context has influenced their stories
Robert Brown once said” Storytelling is the most powerful way of putting ideas into the world today”. Storytelling is often related to as the art of using language, gestures or even vocals to bring to the audience’s attention the elements and images being portrayed in the story. A story often revolves around the structure of a narrative with a specific style and a set of characters, which includes the sense of completeness. Through storytelling, many of the times, people are able to educate others, as well as being able to accumulate wisdom, beliefs and values. It’s important to note that
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Usually when Jan in on stage , A powerful presence with her hand movements, facial mimicry and ability to connect with her audiences, her rhythm is incantatory, and though detailed, her stories hinge on deftly placed refrains that make the overall meaning of her fables both clear and succinct. ()
Jan was also able to exploit herself by being on the BBC, particularly with radio 4 where she was able to where she is a regular commentator on African & Caribbean folklore. This kind of work yielded the inspiration for Blake’s first – and to date only – children’s book, Give Me My Yam (1998) .Although many might argue that it was because of her residency at the national thetre that promted her work. While others might say that a few of her stories were entirely inspired by Chris Ofili 's work, The Upper Room (1999-2002), a series of 13 paintings of rhesus macaque monkey which was quite intriguing
“By participating in various forms of festivals and tutoring others on how to story tell, Jan has significantly been able to confidently improve and confront her audience without having to worry about how she brings about the story, after all isn’t it just natural”-to me this signifies that in order to do something with confidence ,practise is the
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