Jan Blake And Kelvin Kling Analysis

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Compare and contrast the life and the works of Jan Blake and kelvin Kling and describe how their personal and cultural context has influenced their stories
Robert Brown once said” Storytelling is the most powerful way of putting ideas into the world today”. Storytelling is often related to as the art of using language, gestures or even vocals to bring to the audience’s attention the elements and images being portrayed in the story. A story often revolves around the structure of a narrative with a specific style and a set of characters, which includes the sense of completeness. Through storytelling, many of the times, people are able to educate others, as well as being able to accumulate wisdom, beliefs and values. It’s important to note that many of the times, storytelling is very elaborate as well as very interactive depending on how the storyteller aims to achieve its audience’s attention ,but storytelling primarily allows us to capture our audience’s attention as well as to evoke emotions. Storytelling has been used in different cultures to educate, entertain and preserve a cultures beliefs, values and traditions. It has also been used as a tool to effectively inculcate children with moral values or the people of the community at a whole. For an audience to enjoy the story being told, usually it’d have the following features; songs, music, poetry and dance as a way to connect tribe members and illustrate their history. In order for a story to be very interesting in order

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