Jan Brennan Interview

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Amber Butz 219 E. 9th St. Northampton, Pa. 18067 (610) 844-8174 was advised of the identity of Investigator Sean P. Brennan and of the confidential nature and purpose of the interview, Butz, provided the following information: Butz explained that she started on Judge Tidd’s staff in September 2012 until December 2013. Butz is now working in the 911 Center in Northampton. Butz is the daughter of Brenda Anthony. Butz was starting to learn how to do the paperwork when Tidd would tell her he needed her to run and get him a soda at the gas station or run over and get him something either to eat. When Tidd would tell her Butz to do this or that she felt like she couldn’t say no to him. He would ask her once or twice a week. Butz thought if she told him no he would get mad and take it out on her another way. She said she just felt like she couldn’t say no to him. He would say it in an almost telling matter is the way she described it. Another time Tidd told…show more content…
She went over his house after work and cleaned it and on her way home she hit black ice and got in an accident. Tidd said he was sorry and forgot all about it. Butz said Tidd would hover over her and yell that she was taking too long to get things in the computer because as soon as she was done he could go home. Tidd would sit at one of the desk and everyone including people in the waiting area could hear his conservation. He would then get up and work things out at the counter. Butz said Tidd would talk the defendant or the police officer depending on who got there first to find out what happened. Tidd would wear his robe on occasions when he held hearings. Tidd would yell at Butz and her mother Brenda all the time but never yelled at Diane. Butz said when she left Tidd’s office her stress level went way down because she didn’t have to deal with him
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