Blood Eagle Jan Fabel Character Analysis

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Jan Fabel is the lead character of the Jan Fabel series of novels by Craig Rusell the British short story writer and novelist. The debut novel of the ongoing Jan Fabel series was Blood Eagle that was published in 2005. The series of novels are generally classified as mystery/detective thrillers.

Jan Fabel is a modern day detective that tanks as Principal Chief Commissar known as Kriminalhauptkommisar in German. As Commissar he heads the Murders Squad (Mordkommission) of the Hamburg Metropolitan Police. Fabel studied history before he trained as a police officer and is half German half Scottish. He tends to work on cases that typically have a strong mythological or historical element.

The first novel of the series Blood Eagle opens to Fabel investigating gruesome ritualistic killings that clearly indicated a serial killer was responsible. But the problem was while the two cases are similar in their gruesomeness, there was no clue to link them together except for a teasing email he stumbles upon.

He sets out to find the brutal killer before he can take out more victims. He does not succeed as even more victims are discovered every few days. What follows is an intriguing story of murder as Fable tracks down a man that leaves behind no clues
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Fabel has been dealing with some of the most complex homicide cases for nearly twenty years. But he now finds himself in a life altering and life threatening situation when performing what should have been a routine enquiry. One of his oldest cases of a beautiful girl named Monika Krone that went missing more than fifteen years past has just been exhumed. Meanwhile, one of the city’s most dangerous serial rapists just broke out of prison and Fabel believes he may have had something to do with the discovery of Monika’s body. Suddenly men that had been involved with Monika start showing up dead in one terrifying yet thrilling Gothic
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