Jane Ackley's Rejection In Catcher In The Rye

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Ackley’s peers alienate him for traits he cannot help, but Ackley embraces these qualities and retreats from society to avoid further rejection. It can be inferred that the society Ackley resides in, his peers at Pencey Prep, rejects him. Ackley just has a an obnoxious personality that makes causes him to be friendless. Even Holden, a rejected recluse himself, has a hard time dealing with Ackley and would prefer he stay in his room rather than come bother him. Holden and Ackley’s other peer’s dislike Robert Ackley and want to disclude him from their lives because of his obnoxious behavior. Ackley, similar to Holden in many ways, has a difficult time connecting with people. He attempts to by barging into Holden’s room and trying to start conversation;…show more content…
Jane dislocates herself from the society of her family, one that in a perfect world is every kid’s closest society. Jane’s dislocation results from a ¨lousy childhood¨ filled with a ¨booze hound running around the house naked, with Jane around¨ as a step dad (Salinger 32). Jane lives in the unfair situation where she grows up in an unstable home, and it alienates her from her family. Holden tells how Jane never spoke of her family situation, and that shows how she tried to isolate herself from the family and think about the situation as little as possible. Jane is alienated from her family, but she chooses to do it and feels it is best for her. Furthermore, this alienation from the society of her family for something she wishes she could change but cannot pushes her to hang around Holden which, in its own way, is running from society. Jane’s separation from her family makes Holden, a boy who deals with alienation from his family and society in general, appeal to her, so ¨Jane and [Holden] got to be friends and all¨ (Salinger 77). Jane becomes close to Holden, an outcast; therefore, she alienates herself from society. She isolates herself from society by hanging around someone who society alienates. Through the guilt by association mentality of society Jane now becomes a social alien. Also, Jane has now surrounded herself with Holden’s backwards, future-rejecting mind and judgemental attitude. By becoming friends with Holden, Jane now runs from more than her family, she runs from society as a whole. However, Holden and her become close because they both have disconnections from the society of their families, so Jane’s retreat from society results from her forced isolation from her unsteady family. The last way Jane determines herself to be a social alien is another one that she does for her own good. Jane is considered an alien
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