Jane Addam's Greatest Accomplishments

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Jane Addams life as a child was not easy, she had a congenital spinal defect which led to her never being physically strong and her father who served for sixteen years as a state senator and fought as an officer in the Civil War always showed that his thoughts of women were that they were weak, and especially her with her condition. But besides that she lived a very privileged life since her father had many famous friends like the president Abraham Lincoln.

Jane was determined to get a good education which she ended up getting. She went to Rockford sanitary for women which is now called Rockford University and she also studied to be a doctor but had to quit because she was hospitalised too many times. Being sick affected her life very much so when she got older she remedied her spinal defect with surgery. When she wasn’t able to study anymore she traveled to Europe, Jane traveled to Europe twice and on the second trip she saw something that changed her future. She saw a little house in london made for the homeless, sick and the less fortunate to live in. When Jane got back from the trip she had been so inspired by the little
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The thing that made her stand out at that time was that whilst she was working so much for everyone being equal she also fought for women's rights and their right to vote and for world peace at the same time. This led to her winning (co winning) the nobelprize year 1931 for peace.

I think that Jane was an amazing woman who really sat an example for us women how to fight for women's right and equality but on the same time being kind and loving towards everyone and that is why she is my true hero.

I choose Jane becuse she sounded like such an amazing woman who did all thease great things that led to a better future and a more equal way to
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