Jane Addams In The Progressive Era

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Jane Addams The Progressive Era, 1890-1920, accomplished great change in the Unites States of America. Many reformers and activits demanded for change in education, food and drug policies, and most importantly the govermenet. The goal for the movement was the purify the nation. One of the main activits during this time was Jane Addams. Jane Addams is often refered to as a social and political pioneer. She seperated herself from what society belived a women should do and created many radical changes for that time period. Many of her fellow friends, characterized as going crazy and too hopeful. But in the years later to come, Jane Addams would redefine what a women can and should do. She once said, “Old-fashioned ways which no longer apply to changed conditions are a snare in which the feet of women have always become readily entangled” (JaneAddams). With this, Jane Addams shaped the progressive era by limiting/abolishing the amount of work hours people…show more content…
That is the right to vote. Many men during this time had very onservitive views on what a women is allowed to do. They expected very little from them and women were frowned upon for voicing their opinons. Jane Addams changes all that and gave the women the couage and confidence they needed to fight for what they deserve. Some even called her the “key voice of women and a key progressice reformer” (teachinghistory.org). “She advocated woman’s suffrage because she believed that women’s votes would provide the margin necessary to pass social legislation she favored” (History.com). Addams even wrote a paper called “Why Women Should Vote”. She expressed that the world is merely an extension of their house and no one should be scared for what they belive in.She continued to fight until women got their right to vote in 1920 and then moved onto other issues that women had. Overall, she completed the movement with a sucessful victory winning the right for women to
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