Jane Austen Gender Analysis

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There are several methods by which Jane Austen provides the most detailed feminine characters we have thus seen in the Core Curriculum. Firstly, the fact she depicts these characters in any degree at all is more extensive than most. Secondly, while a point that is heavily criticized by many, her flawed depiction of her heronies are a sign of her accuracy. As we have seen by past authors, the descriptions of the few women given are ones that are highly idealized. If a female is present in any leading role in a novel, she is presented in a manner that does not provide any accurate portrayal. The level of perfection that she often possesses is one that could mirror the gods. This, however, is a damaging recurrence. As when the standard representation…show more content…
Does the same holds true for men as well, can women not accurately portray men? This, unfortunately, is a shallow argument that attempts to mitigate the abilities of authors. It is not a matter of incompetency that prevented authors before Austen from portraying women with greater detail and in more leading roles. Instead, it is societal norms that prevented women from being represented truthfully, and from being the center of any story worth note. As described by Gillian Skinner, “The public law of all women, sole and covert, may be easily described: in public law there was no place for them” (91). This exemplifies the lack of representation that women held in everyday society and in all spheres of the public. This trend continues into literature, hence the popularity of Jane Austen for breaking it in such a successful manner. Therefore, it is not her gender that enabled her to describe women in a natural way, but is a result of her talent as a writer. While there is a clear difference in her depictions of women when compared to other authors, Jane Austen’s skills should be attributed to her ability to portray women in such a realistic manner while still highlighting the unique aspects of each character. Her ambition to center her stories around everyday women are the cause for the timelessness of her books. Decades later and people are still finding cause to laugh out loud and cry alongside her relatable characters. In comparison to prior authors that have been read thus far in the curriculum, Austen has defeated them
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