Jane Austen: A Successful Writer

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Jane Austen, also known as, “the First Lady of the English literature” was a brilliant, outstanding writer who provided poems and novels and short stories about the wonderful world of romance. Most of her novels have been turned into films and translated into many diverse languages for people all over the world to enjoy. During Jane Austen’s eventful life, she was influenced by the occurances in her early childhood, her works, and the opinions of her peers and how she became such a successful writer. Austen’s early childhood was definitely one of the major influences on her writing career. Jane was born on December sixthteenth, seventeen seventy five in the United Kingdom (Dames Nicholas.). Jane was the second daughter; seventh child in a…show more content…
It helped her write her poems more efficiently. In her novels, the writer’s presence is strongly marked as an active, persuasive “artistic” writer (Southam, Jane, “Jane Austen.”). The facts of Jane Austen’s life tell a different story since she lived such a boring life and turned into a famous writer (Southam, Jane, “Jane Austen.”). Jane was born into a huge family and soon became a genius (Southam, Jane, “Jane Austen.”). While discovering what her mind can create, she visited London from time to time to get ideas (Southam, Jane, “Jane Austen.”). Her account of this world was limited and highly selective (Southam, Jane,”Jane Austen.”). Austen had to learn to accept a lot of things due to her sensitive topic in her stories. One thing that she had to learn was how to accept the demands of society while presenting her own values (Southam, Jane, “Jane Austen.”). Another thing she had to learn to accept while being a romance writer was the governess allegations of sexual harassment (Midorikawa, Emily, and Emma Claire sweeney.). Although it was inadequate during her time, she was labeled as a “women” writer (Southam, Jane, “Jane Austen.”). Austen had a handful of major achievements during her lifetime. One of her major achievements in her novels is to have captured the total illusion of the gentry’s vision (Southam, Jane, “Jane Austen.”). She also received multiple awards for her amazing talent. People from all over the world loved her books, short stories, novels, and plays about romance. She has definitely secured a lasting place in English literature (Jane Austen.”). After all of the hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and accomplishments, Jane Austen died on July eighteenth, eighteen seventeen (Damer, Nicholas.). Although she passed, her books continued to live throughout the years. To this day, her books are still being talked about and some of the best romance books in history. Her two
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