Jane Austen Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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For this final essay I chose the classical author Jane Austen, and a movie based on her homonymous novel (1813) “Pride and Prejudice”.


Jane Austen was born on December 16th, 1775, to Reverend George Austen and Cassandra Austen. She was the seventh child and only the second daughter. This, in some ways, forced a close relationship with her elder sister also named Cassandra. She also had a close relationship with her brother Henry, whom played the role of Jane’s literary agent in the later stages of her writing.

She lived in an easy-going home, where children were encouraged to explore their creativity and have a good communication. It was her father, with whom she would have formed an exceptional bond, the one that fed her motivation to explore her skills in writing, supplying her with material, such as books (he worked in the church, so they had a large collection), paper and writing tools. Both, Jane and her sister where avid readers and writers, with Jane taking the lead in both. This experiences would take part, when they would came back from their boarding school to which they were sent off at the age of 8, to learn firstly French, music and dancing.

It would be quite normal for the family to invest time and energy into making home-based productions of existing plays, or writing and acting out their own productions.
Jane Austen belongs to the Romantic Age (1790-1837). These works would be a reaction against the ideals of the Age of
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