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Who is the true heroine? Jane Austen’s Persuasion is a story about a heroine named, Anne Elliot. Anne must have posse maturity and be ready for marriage; however, she must first become a marriageable woman by expanding her moral character in the novel. At the age of twenty –eight Anne is an extremely mature heroine, which is unusual for a young woman at that age. Most heroines were snobbish and all about vanity. The author allows her audience to see her reasons for Anne’s advance maturity. She focuses on her advanced moral development to explain her maturity, in relations to her readiness for marriage. She depicts Anne’s character development as multi- dimensional more superior than…show more content…
Anne’s acting mother Lady Russell persuades Anne not to marry Captain Frederick Wentworth. Captain Wentworth was a smart, ambitious, and handsome; however, Wentworth salary in the navy did not cumulate enough to please her parents. Anne did not care about people financial background or social status, especially the man she was to marry, Wentworth. Anne judged people by their personality and not by their social rank or money. In chapter 21, Anne’s heroine biblical morals are shown. Anne notes “My dear Ms. Smith you authority is deficient, this cannot do”(Austen Chapter 21). This quote emphasizes Anne’s moral values and maturity, showing her ability to surpass superficial judgments accepting a person totality. Anne accepts the person in spite of their character flaws. The quote shows Anne’s leadership ability, as she encourages her friends to refrain from telling rumors. Anne embodies the doctrine of the Ten Commandments, which Jesus gave to Moses. Anne identified and lived by the commandment, that Jesus indicated embodying all of the commandments, which the main one of them is to love to love thy neighbor. Anne believed that even if a person showed levels of disrespect towards you; the best compass is being able to address the person in love. Her insights that love should be the driving force of a person’s actions, and having the ability to show mercy is an important demonstrative of a person’s level of
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