Jane Austen Social Class Essay

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Personality traits during Austen 's time do not reveal to be more dependent on social class, for the Bennet sisters are the exception. Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia are all of the same social standings, but their personality differences prove that social class is not the main factor that determines someone 's personality. Jane, the eldest Bennet sister, is described as being almost angelic in the way that she treats others; expressing only kindness and compassion in her relationships with others. As Lizzy and Jane speak about one another, Lizzy describes Jane as someone who can "never see a fault in anybody. All the world are agreeable in [her] eyes. [Lizzy] never heard [Jane] speak ill of a human being in all [her] life" (Austen…show more content…
Mary attempts to conform to society 's expectations of a woman, but fails in doing so. She reads books vigorously, but will not be able to think deeply about its meaning--she simply regurgitates facts without analyzing them. She strives to be what society expects of her, but it results in complete loss of personality on her part. Kitty is described as being flirtatious and gossipy, sometimes to an irritating point. She does not have an extended description, but Austen intended for readers to assume that she was consumed with matters, not of love, but lust. Lydia, the youngest Bennet sister, was 'brought out ' into public from a younger age. This might suggest reckless behavior in the future, perhaps revealing her immaturities that are not as recognizable in the older sisters.
Each of these girls grew up in the exact same environment. They each deal with Mrs. Bennet 's auctioning behavior regarding marriage, but each girl deals with Mrs. Bennet 's embarrassing behavior differently. These girls prove that there is not a reason for preserving social etiquette beyond preserving traditional beliefs, attitudes, and philosophies. If these girls were not constrained by their mother 's and society 's rules and expectations, a more potent side of their personalities would show through, leaving them as more expressive and
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