Jane Austen Social Themes

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Jane Austen’s fantasy set in the simple rural environment of pre-industrial early 18th century England finds its readers along the world and is one of the best-known novels of English literature that has been several times adapted for further media in form of play or movie. The popularity of the story unfolding an evolvement of romantic relationship between two young people with much more similar characters than social status can be seen especially in its general analogy to the modern fairy-tales’ constructions. The central theme of social mobility in a strongly hierarchical society Austen and her fictional characters had lived in brings the reader a whole picture of conditions, rules and behavioural requirements, as well as perhaps exaggerated but still very real concept of mentality, desires and needs of that time people across the social classes and groups. The basic society, this story is focused on, is composed of the members of lower (middle) class – the farmers, traders and freelancers (churchman, lawyer etc.). The middle class is represented by the Bennets family, their neighbours (Sir Lucas and his family, Phillips etc.) and all the residents of near rural city Meryton and described with the emphasis on its members’ means and natural behaviour. The basic society characters possess some similar features of their nature, besides a simple way of life (which is predominantly secured by modest property allowing them not to be pushed to labour and keep a few typical
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