Jane Doe-Personal Narrative

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4 weeks had went by and I ended up getting a call from the police one morning “Mr. Reed, we would like you to come down to the station to identify a Jane Doe.” At this point I didn’t think at all this would be her, I just thought she had left because she needed time away from the family. So me and my son were on our way and I said to him “No need to worry son, your mom is fine, I doubt this will be her.” When we got there, we walked in and I said to a officer, “We are here to look at a Jane Doe” and she said “Go down stairs and take a left and go straight until you see the door that says morgue.” We walked in and see a row of deceased people and me and my son just glance at each other and I rub his back and say “Be prepared son, this could
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