Jane Doe Strengths And Weaknesses

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Jane Doe was familiar with this theory because she took undergrad classes that discussed strength perspective material. I asked Jane Doe what strengths did she think she possess that other family members may not have? She replied with” I think a strength I bring to my family is finding resources. Working at this job has allowed me learn how to find resources for others and I’ve learned to apply these skills at home. Whenever my family needs to find something that may help with stability, they always ask me and it makes me feel good to help. I am not good at surviving a storm but after the storm I can provide you with lots of resources.” In contrast I asked Jane doe about her environmental struggles. Seemingly she is a great at finding resources for herself and others around her but I wanted to know her weaknesses as well. She replied with” I am codependent on my sister. I go to her for everything because I know she will be right. That’s not good and I know it but if my sister says it I know it’s some truth to it. She is like my personal go to person. It’s always been like that since…show more content…
Jane Doe expressed during the interview that she feels she is dragging her feet with making a decision about going to grad school. She graduated from Valdosta State University in 2012 with a degree in Psychology. She explained that she has always known she would have to further her education because of limited job opportunities with a BA in psychology. She said “My current struggle is debating on what I want to do. I want to know if I would like to go down the social work path like you or should I choose to find a program for counseling and become a LPC. I think I am intimidated by the process because I graduated so long ago and it looks weird. I could have my masters and licensed by now if I went to grad school after graduating but instead I chose to sit out and sitting out became 3 years without a clue to what I want to do
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